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About Us

The Jonaco Kft. is located on the North-Eastern part of Hungary, in the county of SzabolcsSzatmár-Bereg, in city of Fehérgyarmat.

The factory belongs to the industrial zone of the city, the area is 10.000 square meters.

Distance from Budapest is 300 km: 267 km on highway M3, 32 km on the road Nr. 49

Distance from ports: Koper 891 km; Bremerhaven 1520 km.

Our Story


The factory was established in 1991 for vegetable and fruit processing.

30 years

The company Jonaco Kft. (earlier it was called Papp-Ker Kft.) is working ca. 30 years in the trading and processing of canned fruits and vegetables.

Mainly cherry processing

In the earlier years the company was present on the Sour cherry market as a producer and trader.

2019. december.1

Jonaco Kft. has new owner since 01.12.2019

Location of the Jonaco Kft.
Optimal distance from the raw material fields


Sour cherries – 400km


Sweet cherries – 400km


Plums – 300km


Gherkins – 50km


Beetroots – 20km

Raw material basis through Tranzit – Dió Kft.

The Jonaco Kft. its main goal was to procure raw materials for vegetables and fruits from Hungarian producers. Tranzit Dió Kft., Which is in the interest of the owners, plays a key role in the procurement.

Sour cherry

3000 tons / year


2000 tons / year


1000 tons / year

Own brand

The Jonaco Kft. previously had its own products. It was prevalent mainly in retail circles in the surrounding settlements (convenience stores, retail sales, etc.), but the company later paid more attention to export activities.

However, after the change of ownership in 2019, the Jonaco brand name “came out of the pantry” again, and then after a change of design, the brand was reborn. Our goal is to get Jonaco’s premium quality products to smaller and larger department store chains nationwide, as well as to consumers through direct sales.

Our product range

The Jonaco Kft. its production technology is able to produce a wide range of canned vegetables and fruits. These product groups are:


Sour cherries (pitted)


Sweet cherries (whole or pitted)


Plums (whole and halves)




Beetroot (slices

Human resources

Fix employees

100 person

Seasonal employees

+80 person

Technical development – 3.000.000 EUR

New machines and equipments in the production hall

Pitting and halving machines, stalk remover, optical sorting machine, automatic jar depalettisation machine, automatic brine prefiller, automatic spice doser, new closing machine, palettisation machine, washing equipment, vacuum detector.

New machines and equipments in the packaging hall

New line, X-ray detector with 4 radius, tray glue machine, universal sticker machine


Our premium quality products do not contain any preservatives or colorings, any syntetic ingredients. Our products meet the food standards. Our products meet the food standards.

a. The Jonaco Kft. currently certified under IFS Food certificate version 6.1, has been certified for the production and distribution of organic products as well as FDA certified.

FDA Certificate

Certificate for the production and marketing of organic products

IFS Food certificate